Vendor Management

Our Services

Broker/Agent Recruiting

Phase I

We begin by working with agencies, companies and contractors to identify demand for strong talent in specific coverage areas. FRC then will begin a series of recruiting activities through real estate associations, brokerage franchises, statistical data, and professional referral networks to identify potential customer candidates. Once identified, FRC will perform initial qualification checks in order to proceed with phase two of the on-site operations vetting process.


On-Site Operations Vetting

Phase II

Our services take it to the next level of diligence. We perform on-site operations vetting, from which we will obtain a gap analysis of policies and procedures that need to be in place in order to fulfill a variety of service level agreements, statements of work and performance work statements. After completion of our site visits, we will send a list of the observed gaps to our clients to be reviewed and addressed.


Application Preparation

Phase III

FRC helps clients prepare and submit their applications to become local listing brokers. We work in tandem with our clients using FRC best practices, agency visions, and contractor visions in order to ensure our brokers and agents are ready to perform at the highest level before taking on the responsibilities of managing real estate assets.


Phase IV

Once our broker/agents are ready to take on the duties of a local listing broker, FRC administers a series of agency and contractor specific training sessions. FRC’s methods of training include Instructor Led Training (ILT), Scenario Based Training (SBT) and Online Training (OT). FRC works with industry leaders to continue to develop these trainings in order to stay up to speed with contract modifications and new SOW’s.


Oversight Monitoring

Phase V

After our brokers and agents begin working for their clients, we maintain regular oversight monitoring and monthly performance reviews where we “partner for performance” to establish longevity and sustainability throughout the term of their contracts. FRC acts as a management and leadership team for its clients throughout the life of their contracts to answer questions, develop training materials, and instill new best practices in order to excel its clients to the most reliable of status.