Training & Outreach

FRC Learning Management Center

Assessments: Questions are randomly chosen. Answers can be optionally randomized. Assessments can be pass/fail or score-based. Questions can be true/false, multiple choice, multiple answer, and/or fill in the blank.

Certification: FRC provides certification management for accurate expiration management, re-certification, and task completion.

Classroom Management: For our courses, we can track notes, summaries, version numbers, minimum and maximum capacities, auto-enrollment or multi-party sign off.

Competency Management: FRC can focus on the measuring, management, and tracking of certain competencies such as: skills, ratings, expiration dates, knowledge and even mapping to jobs, organizations and certifications.

Performance Management: FRC knows the importance of performance management and includes a full competency management system to measure and monitor employee/vendor competencies.

Tracking and Reporting: FRC can report student activity completion, exemption reporting, and resource use. Management reporting includes various training-related metrics using charts and graphs, and these reports can be PDF, Excel, TIFF and XML.

FRC Training Styles

Instructor Led Training: If you have a large number of on-site employees, vendors or subcontractors who require training, consider having one of our qualified trainers come to you. By having instructors on-site, you not only minimize travel costs, but also have opportunities to reference your own resources and real life examples during the training.

Webinars: If you are concerned with the budget for travel to a training site or would rather a “learn on your own time” approach, many of our courses are delivered virtually using standard conferencing tools. These courses combine instructor demonstrations with structured, hands-on student activities.

Scenario Based Training: FRC provides comprehensive, scenario based learning that brings relevance to the learning experience and highlights best practices. Sometimes students find it easier if they can relate the learning to a real life event.

Videos: FRC provides recorded video training material for certain sections of a curriculum in order to keep the learner interested by changing the information delivery.

Assessments: At the end of our courses, assessments are provided to the students in order to assess their knowledge of the subject matter and also to identify any deficiencies in the training material.